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Trust & Quality

1. geranium essential oil

Essential oil extracted from geranium (stems, leaves and flowers) has many beneficial effects on health and skin care and hair. Therefore, this essential oil is used in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic care of skin and hair.

Geranium essential oil is one of the good for the skin. It has a positive impact and effective with complications from skin disorders such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, fungal. Best Uses of geranium is on healing. Therefore, geranium can blur skin scarring and bring perfect, spotless.

Additionally, geranium essential oil which helps regain vitality dehydrated skin for a long time, tired, wrinkled. Ingredients geranium collection of dues has very good for the skin. You will have a firm skin, healthy. Geranium essential oil also brings the necessary nutrients to skin cells, healthy skin longer young. In addition, the oil also has a very pleasant aroma should be more women on the pill.

For 20 to 25 drops of essential oil to 30ml geranium oil massage instructions to relax or you can use the essential oils in the bath warm to clean skin. You will have a natural glowing skin.

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2. sage essential oil (Clary Sage)

Sage are grown in Britain, the Mediterranean, Morocco, Russia and the United States, is one of the herbal plants, generally grow to about 30.5 cm - 91.45 cm. United sage-colored wolf, blue, pink or purple ice cream. Feathered sage and sometimes visible oil layer between evil hairs on the leaves of trees.

This therapy reduces fine wrinkles. In addition, it also works to decongestants, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and stimulate blood flow. Use this essential oil directly on the skin of eczema, psoriasis, scars, ... it has the ability to do rapid healing.

Note: sage essential oils do not irritate the skin, but women during pregnancy do not use oil, and not combined with the alcohol, such as wine, beer .. when using this oil.

When you use sage essential oil in large amounts, it may feel drowsy for you. Therefore, use a moderate amount appropriate for the purpose of use.

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3. Neroli (Neroli)

This essential oil can promote the production of new skin cells with a faster speed, boost skin radiance and vitality, as well as prevention of scars, stretch marks combat.

Neroli is also famous for rejuvenating the skin, creating a feeling of calm, antidepressant, aphrodisiac.

Orange flower oil reduces abdominal cramps during menstruation, promote digestion, increase appetite, help soften the skin.

In addition, Orange flower oil helps reduce obesity cracks and effective in weight loss, anti skin infections, prevent colds and coughs.

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4. Mangosteen

Essential oils extracted from mangosteen is not only soothe the signs of inflammation, but also help stimulate the production of collagen and regenerate the old cells, making them work better. It is considered as a true warrior when it comes to healing the skin and youthful look again for you.

Scientific research has shown that mangosteen contains a polyphenol compound called Xanthones., Is antioxidant effect preventing damaged cells caused by free radicals, slow aging, prevent disease degradation or deterioration of physical and mental.

In addition, mangosteen also supports weight loss: Mangosteen contains very few calories (63 calories per 100g) and contain no saturated fat and cholesterol. However, it is very rich in fiber should be a kind of perfect results add to your weight loss menu.

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5. ylang ylang essential oils (Ylang Ylang)

Ylang ylang essential oil, also known as Yellow orchid, ylang English name is, to moisturize the skin and hair. Whether your skin is dry or super oily super, ylang ylang can also help balance your skin significantly. It controls the secretion of sebum, leaving your skin 'hydrated' very silky smooth all day.

Ngoc Lan Tay oils also have the effect of pores, reduce sebum, and especially smooth, white, pink, reduce pimples when combined with rose oil.

This is one of the essential oils with the most strange perfume. It helps relieve pain quickly, help mentally uplifting and exhilarating. Reduce tension and stress, shock and injury reduction, ylang ylang essential oils soothe feelings when angry or frustrated is and is under pressure.

It also has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, reduce blood pressure, especially to help you always feel energized, stimulated feeling love.

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6. Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil is known for its healing effects and soothing properties. The benefit of it is incredible for people with eczema, the skin is very dry and aging skin.

For the skin, rose oil to help treat various inflammatory skin diseases, is an indispensable raw material helps produce collagen, prevent wrinkles, anti-dark circles.

In addition, research shows that many materials in case you have migraines, insomnia or stress, just a few drops of rose oil on the pillow or the evaporator helps us to have a good sleep and deeper into the board night.

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